Sunday, October 9, 2011

Go Board Game with Google Docs

Go, played on Google Docs
I've been satiating my asynchronous game play needs recently by playing Go via Google Docs. I figured someone else must of thought of that already, and they did: Edward Donohue had a spread sheet template available, which I modified into my Go Board Game Template.

The cool thing is that Google Docs comes with great features already in place:

  • Version history
    • Allows you to roll back time to recall what has been happening in the game.
  • Change Notifications
    • Allows you to make a move, and your opponent will automatically get an email notification that links to page showing what has changed.
    • (Set this up by going to |Tools| |Notification Rules|)
  • Auto formatting
    • Makes the board look like a bunch of black and white pieces instead of playing in text.
  • Works anywhere, even mobile
Also, you can do odd stuff, like make this tiling (toroidal) go board. People have played on tiling boards before, the simplest way is to just duplicate any moves on the left and top edge to the right and bottom. But, in docs, .

Try out the templates by making a copy so you can edit in them. Select a square and enter a 'w' or 'b' character. Have fun!