Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Guest on the 10th Muse Podcast

I was just a guest on the 10th Muse Podcast, episode 21.

We hit some good conversation topics, including:
  • Cutting room floor, where does it all go, are some of the best ideas there?
  • Innovation in games, how important, and how much is there?
  • Games benefiting all of humanity, or are just filler for the gamer niche?
  • GTA using Natural Motion's Euphoria, will NM get the credit, or will GTA soak it all up. How does it feel to work on middle-ware when games take all the publicity?
  • Consequences in games, e.g. to your own character, the virtual world, the supporting characters, the story line, AI, etc.
I ended up referencing a few things:

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