Monday, July 14, 2008

E3 2008 - Xbox 360

E3... blah blah, some things that jumped out for me from the Microsoft news:
  • Netflix on 360 - This has been speculated on for some time, but it's great to get the official word. It seems clear to me that the future of entertainment delivery will be along the lines of IP cable, streaming movies, etc. The next few years we'ss see the battle between the console providers, cable companies, probably phone companies as well.
  • Install to HD - A great feature, since the 360 is so loud while spinning a disk. Most games are doing this to some extent under the hood anyway, so why not just copy the whole thing? Sadly, you still need the disk in to boot... I'm looking forward to the disk just being a high bandwidth way to download, and then tossing it.


  1. I agree that it's a shame you can't play disc-less yet. As lazy as it sounds, I don't ever want to get up and fiddle with finding discs and opening cases and trays and stuff. The success of the remote control proved that getting up is for chumps.

    The obvious problem is piracy - it's hard to prevent you from installing your game then just handing the disc off to your buddies. The absence of physical media would be very nice, but then again, so would portability.

    It will be interesting to see if Microsoft offers download only games that you can play without a disc but are locked to either your hardware or your live account. Sony has already done it and Microsoft kind of has with their Xbox originals.

  2. Piracy would be the same as it is for Live arcade games, etc. The disc would need to just be "bandwidth", and the game would still need to be registered/purchased online.