Thursday, December 11, 2008

Link dump: Genetic Polygons, Scored Gameplay, ActiveX alternative, Gamebryo Training, Visualizing Files, Opening Files

Genetic algorithm placing 50 polygons to represent the Mona Lisa
I'm a fan of genetic algorithms... I'd have loved to see this one with triangles instead of n-polygons, though.

This image is early in the evolution, the final image is a good approximation. ;)
A fun, short, game. Cool novelty: the gameplay is synchronized with the music. Friend Adrienne Walker pointed out that this could be a great game jam theme.
Google Native Client
A plugin recently revealed by Google.
Cross browser, runs sand boxed native code.
Could be a good alternative to ActiveX.
Gamebryo 101
A university created webpage packed full of training videos, tutorials, and resources related to the product I work on.

I recently gave up on SpaceMonger -- it was having issues with lots of files. This survey convinced me to move over to WinDirStat, which works very well.

Mr EditGotoFindCombo
Nice tip for Visual Studio programmers:
Quickly open files with sub-string prefix matching:
CTRL-D, type:">of ", then start your file name.
More tips on the linked page.