Monday, January 12, 2009

Vista Send To Clipboard As Name

Vista 64bit has been a fairly smooth move for me, but one feature of Windows XP I missed dearly was Send To Clipboard As Name (from the Power Toys).

I frequently have one or several files I'd like to get as fully qualified text strings to dump into a shell command, another application, or just a text file when keeping notes.

Well, I found it, Vista supports Copy as Path on a file explorer context menue if you hold SHIFT when opening the context menu.

The image shows the context menu with the SHIFT exposed items:
  • Pin to Start Menu
  • Add to Quick Launch
  • Copy as Path


  1. awesome find... i'll be using that =]

  2. This is awesome information to have. I dearly missed this powertoy after my move to Win7 a couple months back. I also love the "open command window here" that shows up when SHIFT-RightClicking a folder. I don't know if that exists in Vista or not - I went from XP straight to Win7.

  3. Thanks, was stressing with the new Windows 7 machine at work as powertoys don't work. I'm much happier now with the copy as path.