Friday, May 1, 2009

Rapid Prototyping (and Rapid Iteration) with Gamebryo LightSpeed, Presentation

In April I presented at the 2009 Triangle Game Conference on Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Iteration. I'm making the slides, audio, and video available here:

Studios succeed by securing solid publisher deals, and then delivering games on time and budget. Great games can't be started until that deal is in place, which places great prototypes as one of the most essential stages of development. This presentation discusses several technical strategies that can be used to facilitate rapid prototyping. These include discussions on asset management systems; live tool-game connections; and data driven designer tools and extensions. This presentation is intended for attendees experienced with game development. It will dive into the technical design of these systems and demonstrate their features. Concepts learned will be directly applicable by developers preparing to build a game content pipeline and tool set.
The demonstrations come from Emergent's latest product, Gamebryo LightSpeed.


  1. sir, the access link for presentation were down, would you please give us new link address?

    My company is a licensed gamebryo developer, and I admire your work very.. very much.

    thanks for sharing the new tech and idea to us.

  2. Slides, audio, and videos hosted on an external website are temporarily not available. I've added my email address to this post - please email me for them.