Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Diving - Triangle Game Jam 3 - Music Game

Video links (Recommended viewing in H.D.): youtube, vimeo.

The 3rd Triangle Game Jam was last weekend! Hot off the presses, the game I worked on: Diving. (The other games have not yet been posted on that website yet -- we're all busy catching up after speding the whole weekend making games)

The theme was Music Game, similar to how music and video can be used to make a music video experience. The theme was inspired by Reset.

In Diving, the gameplay is subtle. The game is primarily delivering an experience well tuned to the music. I'm pleased that our design captured the mood of the music, synchronized to the lyrics, and also the piano notes.

The actual gameplay mechanics allow you to steer left and right as you chase the ring down into the depths. While that's a bit simple, the concept of the woman at the railing, jumping after the ring, and swimming down after it ever deeper, is the real point. The game is designed to never let you actually catch the ring, it's always just out of reach and lands on the ground always at the end of the song. As the song closes and the woman just about reaches the ring, there's a fade to black.

The song and concept seed were Adrienne Walker's, and I contributed significantly to the final design we presented.

Brett Brown (Title Art) (Electronic Arts)
Derek Ehrman (Programming) (Atomic Games)
Vincent Scheib (Gameplay Art/Programming) (Emergnt Game Technologies)
Adrienne Walker (Programming) (Emergnt Game Technologies)

The song was Feathers by Man Man.

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