Monday, January 11, 2010

Radial 10 bit Gray code - Tutorial

How I made the Radial 10 bit Gray code image procedurally in Photoshop:

  1. Create a 10 bit gray code image (width 10, height 1024). I did this by hand, it's a little tedious. But there is a method: you duplicate the image vertically and then draw a line from the mid points of each tree.
    Then, expand it to a square image:
  2. Transform it radially (Filter, Distort, Polar Coordinates (need to first rotate the image 90 degrees)):
  3. Create some Gaussian blurs of the image, with a few similar large blurs:
  4. Set the blend mode to Difference between 2 of the blur layers:
  5. Add adjustment layers to remap the range, add a gradient, shift the hue, etc:

  6. Add another blur with difference blend mode, and we're done!

I worked in 16 bit mode since there was banding when differencing the similar Gaussian blurs.

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