Monday, October 4, 2010

Scriptcode: misc batch files and visual studio macros

Here are the random macros I use in Visual Studio and windows batch files. Nothing monumental, but I find them useful often enough.
  • scheib.vb
    • The general purpose Visual Studio macros I use, particularly useful to me are:
  • addpath.bat
    • Eases adding more directories to your path environment variable.
  • cmd_here.bat
    • Right click any directory or file in windows explorer or a file save/open dialog and get a command prompt at that location.
    • Assists automation to copy certain files from one directory to another, e.g. just the .html files but not the images.
  • remove_empty_directories.bat
    • Cleans up a directory tree to not have empty directories.
The following are useful to have when writing a batch file:
  • isadirectory.bat
  • isafile.bat
  • isemptydirectory.bat
Files can be downloaded here: - visual studio macros - batch files