Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tools of a Day

I use these tools daily:
How about you, anything interesting?


  1. += Dropbox, Vim, VMware, Console
    -= Cygwin

    I wish I needed multiple Chrome profiles for work email! (blasted Outlook)

  2. Paint.NET - Adds layers but stays simple.
    Everything search - Because Windows file search is terrible.
    Explorer++ - Tabs in a file explorer are wonderful.

    Firefox still has me hooked with plugins that haven't matured on Chrome (Read-it later, Google shortcuts).

    I second Notepad++, Visual Studio (Express), and Google Apps (Docs, Reader, Gmail).

  3. ...
    TotalCmd ( )
    ClipX ( )

  4. Google Voice (text message sending and alerts in the browser)

    screen + irssi (persistent IRC session that I can connect to from home, work, or mobile)

    DropBox (My laptop exploded and I lost no data. I keep everything not permanently backed up symlinked into my Dropbox folder.)

    Amazon S3 + duplicity (automatic incremental encrypted offsite backups)

  5. * +1 beyond compare
    * +1 process explorer
    * +1 notepad++
    * +1 visual studio
    * Foobar 2000 (music player that actually works in Windows 7)
    * Pidgin (generic chat client)
    * Synergy+ (share input between computers)
    * perforce, Photoshop CS5, and Outlook (yes, I'm a corporate slave)
    * Firefox (bite me)

  6. My Brain! then some geeky stuff. :D