Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Get Ready for GDC 2011!

Here comes GDC!

I'm presenting at GDC this year on HTML5 and Other Modern Browser Game Tech. Still busy getting slides ready, I've a lot of tech I want to cover... WebGL, canvas 2d, svg, web sockets, storage, audio, Native Client, etc. Whew. Well, it deserves a bit logo off on the right. ;)

Google's going to make a good showing this year. Check out our GDC Agenda.

Here's a list of sessions that caught my eye when I skimmed through. Did I miss any awesome session? Let me know in comments. ;)

(you can add it to your own calendar view by putting bdsmf82ejdng803qok5mlmsn4s@group.calendar.google.com into your "other calendars")

See you there.


  1. Are you going to talk about dev environment/tools in your talk? Is there a integrated IDE/debugger for plug-in-less browser development?

  2. Was just thinking of 2 new things to mention:
    - WebGL Inspector give you PIX / perf view type debugging for 3D.
    - Node.JS enables the visual debugger WebInspector you see in WebKit browsers to be used on your server code.

    Old hat is FireBug, WebInspector etc all built into browsers.