Monday, February 2, 2009

Global Game Jam: Robot Love

The Global Game Jam weekend is over, and I'm excited to say I got to help out on Robot Love:

High Resolution Version available on youtube website.

The theme was, "As Long as We Have Each Other we'll never run out of Problems..."

Gameplay: A 2 player co-op game with a simple gimmick, you need to stand next to the other player to reload! Two robots are escaping their factory, chased by mobs of other zombie robots.

  • Demond Rogers (Epic) did an awesome job at the character animations.
  • Jason Connell (Red Storm) built the 2.5D environment.
  • Adrienne Walker (Emergent) was ninja lead programmer.
  • Harrison Moore did sound and UI.
  • Will McGuire coded and placed enemies and props in the level.
  • Mike Daly (Emergent) chipped in on level file format and robot AI.
  • Vincent Scheib (Emergent) helped with collision, a bit of gameplay, and gamestate/screens.
Download it!


  1. Excellent Game...!!!
    I like it. !!

  2. Dude it looks awesome!