Monday, June 22, 2009

Links: Middleware survey, online tech, virtual memory, graphics deconstruction, deferred lighting, ssao, 3d glasses

On the left, a pile of links.
On the right, some Gamebryo games I don't think I've mentioned yet.

Game Development:
  • Mark DeLoura is at it again with another Middleware Survey. (You saw his writup on his Game Engine Survey online or in Game Developer, right?)
  • Darrin West has been writing up detailed thoughts on Online Game Techniques, e.g. his recent post Online Hard Problems.
  • Sysinternals offers handy tools you likely already use, such as Process Explorer. But, have you noticed VMMap? It can show you a process's virtual memory access. This came up recently on the DXGAB email list as a hint to finding memory leaks of GPU resources (look for WriteCombine attrib)
  • Timothy Farrar is verbose and detailed in his many graphics posts this year, certainly you're following along? e.g. game deconstructions: Killzone (+more), Resistance 2
  • Adrian Stone has started a blog Game Angst, and has some experienced thoughts on Deferred Lighting vs Deferred Shading.
  • Accumulative SSAO, similar to what was done in Gears of War 2. A thread on Screen space ambient occlusion together with reprojection to smooth over time.
  • 3D Glasses from NVIDIA. I recently tried these out in the office, with about 50% of people thinking they were cool, to 50% not being all that impressed. I'm concerned it's a bit of an expensive gimick that doesn't add much - gamers won't wear glasses for prolonged periods, and I doubt autostereoscopic displays will justify their cost.
  • ThruYOU, sample based music, but together with video from the youtube sources of the samples.
  • Advanced Cat Yodeling (youtube video link -- couldn't help myself, it's funny)

Texas CheatEm
Dungeon Runners
Freaky Creatures
Wizard 101
Space Chimps

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  1. Great. Deferred rendering, deferred lighting, deferred shading. You figure people would learn by now to pick better names. I can see these terms being added to your terminology rant soon.