Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Anamorphosis Gamebryo LightSpeed Logo

We all love Anamorphosis, and have seen it done wonderfully before ([edit] even spectacularly). Well, I've done a few simple things around the office, here's one I just did:

Vimeo and YouTube videos.

That was done with painter's masking tape, with the help of Cat, in about 2.5 hours.

Here's an earlier project, the old Gamebryo logo done with post-it notes:

Post-it notes were handy after a late night in the office and no prep. The masking tape is obviously much better. Both were done by setting up an image on my laptop and using a projector to cast it into the room. The perspective for both is just in a doorway, to help guide viewers to the right position. Both also are cast in a way that the image is heavily distorted as soon as you move slightly away from the right point.

Share links if you've done similar projects, or know of good ones. ;)

Falice Varini is the link you want to follow! See e.g. this.