Thursday, July 3, 2008

Johan Andersson's keynote at Graphics Hardware

Johan Andersson's slides were recently posted for his keynote The Intersection of Game Engines and GPUs - Current & Future at Graphics Hardware (other presentations there too...). I've looked over several of Johan's presentations in recent years, and am a big fan. This presentation covers many interesting topics, though is light on details:
  • Most screen shots and examples are from Bad Company
  • Shader node editor
  • Rendering jobs, task decomposition for concurrency
  • Command buffers used on 360, PS3, but DX10 is a problem
  • - He also mentions an approach I'll be presenting on ind detail at Gamefest 2008 - software command buffers - with the con of "Difficult to update dynamic resources efficiently in parallel due to API", quite true
  • Software rasterization for occlusion testing
  • - low rez floating point buffer, renders 100 meters of low-poly occluder meshes, limited to a max of 10,000 verts. Use on all platforms
  • Prefer bumpmaps to normal maps - better compression - sample to normals in shader
  • Virtual textures
  • Raytracing - cites Mirrors Edge - urban environments with reflections
  • DOF implemented in CUDA

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the link & nice words :)

    I'll definitely be at your talk at Gamefest. Interesting and great that you plan to open source the parallel software command buffer library, been thinking exactly that someone should create a general open library for this.

    Oh and BTW, great blog!

    See you at Gamefest!