Thursday, March 3, 2016

Credibility Bet Game

Current state of a game around 2004 at Studio Gigante
The Credibility Bet Game is a lighthearted game great for a medium sized work team or large group of friends. It's a playful way to challenge folks on knowledge, skill, or random outcomes.

I initially designed it to stop a lunch argument, saying something like, "stop arguing and just bet on it, and go test it."

One of the engineers replied that betting for money was against their religion... and thus the fake credibility currency was born!
  1. Everyone starts with 100 credibility points.
  2. At any time make a bet on anything except where people are put in danger, e.g. alcohol.
  3. Bets must be whole positive numbers, the smallest bet is 1 point.
  4. Bets can have odds E.G. "I bet 10 of my points for 1 of yours."
  5. Multiple people can bet at once, just treat them all separately.
  6. Don't disturb bets, others should stay quiet on a topic if a bet is forming up so as to not spook anyone from quitting the bet.
Keep a list somewhere of who's got how many points. For more fun, record each bet along with some trash talk.

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